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Structured Sales

Whether you’re selling a business, professional practice, agricultural products, real estate, intellectual property, or something special you own, we understand the unfortunate impact capital gains tax can have on your long-term goals and financial security.

At SkySon we have systems in place to work with you and your advisors to set up a Structured Sales agreement that will minimize the burden of taxes, while providing you a guaranteed income stream along with enhanced protection from creditors.

We call this our SkySon Structured Sales System™ and would be happy to explore all of its benefits with you and your advisors.

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In farming and ranching, it’s often feast or famine. When you finally have a good year, taxes can take a real bite from your bottom line. At Lambertson Financial Services we have powerful solutions to help reduce taxes on the sale of crops, livestock, timber, and land that can put financial control back in your hands.

Furthermore, if cash flow is an issue or if debt in going to impact the tax consequences of your sale, our banking partners at First State Bank Nebraska may be able to assist you by providing bridge loan financing or tax-free liquidity with a pledge loan. In either case, you can reduces taxes

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