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Structured Sales - Other Applications

Structured Sales can be extremely valuable to owners of Intellectual Property such as Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Technology, Books, Screenplays, or Films. They can help defer taxes from the gains that result from the sale of their property.

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This also holds true for the sale of highly appreciated Art, Sculpture, Antiques, Automobiles, Libraries, and Collections.

In each of these cases, the benefits can be enormous.

The transaction can be tailored to fit the seller’s specific needs for cash and ongoing streams of income for up to 30 years, with payments schedule on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, with lump sum payments be scheduled as needed.

These payments are secure and guaranteed with U.S. Treasury notes. Because of this, they are not subject to the vicissitudes of the markets.

In the event there are multiple owners involved that is not a problem. The unique requirements of each owner can be specifically addressed and accommodated within the agreement so that everyone’s needs are met.

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