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Business and Professional Practice Sales

If you are thinking about selling your Business or Professional Practice, you may be concerned about the impact Capital Gain taxes are going to have on your net income.

Chances are, you’ve been working hard to make you business or practice as financially strong and attractive as possible. Your annual income may be the highest it has ever been.

That certainly helps increase the value of your business or practice. But the combination of higher earned income with the Capital Gain from your sale means you could experience the worst tax year you have ever had.

To help offset some of the tax impact, you could always use a traditional installment sale to spread out the payments and “take back paper” from the seller to secure the deal.

But what happens if the buyer defaults? Your entire financial security could be at risk. Or if the buyer decides to accelerate the payoff, you’re right back to having the same tax problem you were originally trying to avoid.

With a Structured Installment Sale from Lambertson Financial Services, you can minimize the impact of taxes while enjoying guaranteed payments streams custom tailored to meet your specific requirements, without any risk of buyer default or payment acceleration.

These guaranteed payment streams can be customized to meet your specific cash flow requirements, including larger lump sum payments to cover anticipated life events such as college tuition or a down payment.

There’s one more, less obvious benefit a Structured Installment Sale can provide seller’s contemplating retirement. The income streams from a Structured Installment Sale can provide cash flow that allow more traditional, tax-deferred retirement accounts more time to grow before being needed. That means more resources and financial security for you and your family.

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