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Agriculture Welcome Message

As a farmer, the weather, fuel costs and crop prices are just a few of the factors that can have a major impact on your financial plans. Good weather and great prices one year can result in a large increase in income, while the next year those same factors can cause a considerable shortfall.

Then taxes take a toll on cash flow and there’s only so much new equipment you can buy to create deductions.

But what if you could take control of your income and the taxes associated with it?

What if you could spread the profits from a good year over a period of time that provides a consistent income stream to help make ends meet in years when the weather and markets are not in your favor? What if you could defer current income and taxes to supplement your retirement? And what if all your payments were guaranteed?

Structured Crop Sales

Structured Crop Sales let you do all this!

This simple process allows you to take control of your income. You can create a guaranteed income stream over a period of years and defer the taxes to the year in which you receive the income!

Of course, when income is received in those inevitable lean years, it can help ends meet without incurring debt.

Benefits of a Structured Crop Sale

Tax Deferral
Customized Cash Flow
Enhanced Protection from Creditors
Avoid Application of AMT (Alternate Minimum Tax)
No Limits on the Amounts Deferred
Guaranteed Payment Streams

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